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Centre Nautique de Bréhec

58 route de la Corniche 22580 Plouha


During the school holidays:

- 'Cabin-boy, sailor or captain?' courses (Beginners and/or Improvers in Optimist Dinghy) for little ones (age 5 to 10): focusing on the theme: 'The pleasure of sailing,' the idea being to provide a first general contact with 'sailing' before moving on to specific training adapted to the people attending the courses. This is a great opportunity to see what kind of seafaring activity is right for your children, and make sure they enjoy every exciting minute! - 'Lagoon' courses (Beginners and/or Improvers, windsurfing lessons) for pre-teens and 'older children': a windsurfing board that's suited to your body shape, your ability and the weather conditions. A course that gives you a first taste or teaches you to glide along the water standing on your own two feet, with just the wind to guide you!

'Tonic' and 'Tonic Perf' (Beginners and/or Improvers, catamaran or dinghy), mainly for pre-teens and 'older children': courses giving you a taster and teaching you how to handle gusts of wind, or helping you perfect your technique and leave a spray trail in your wake!

And of course for the diehards who are ready to brave the elements and take to the seas any time of year:

Year roun

- The "Sea's Club du Samedi" (Saturday Sea Club) - Orange level required as a minimum - for juniors, pre-teens and 'older children': depending on the individual, the day's sea-going project and sea and weather conditions, we organise situations (trips round the bay, expeditions) so that you can really make the most of your afternoon in this wonderful natural space provided by Mother Nature!

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