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Ville Historique de Lamballe

22400 Lamballe

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Recognised for its rich heritage, Lamballe has been designated Brittany Town of Art, and has succeeded in bringing its historic centre to life. Capital of the Duchy of Penthièvre, Lamballe was once such an imposing fortress town…that its enemies thought it wise to dismantle the castle and its ramparts! It was impossible, however, to erase all trace of its former glory, which can still be seen today when strolling through the streets with their remaining monuments. Over the centuries, another form of heritage has developed in this town situated in a very fertile region. A heritage that has grown up not only around horses and all things equestrian but craft activities too.

Practical informations

Nom de l'offre
  • Nom de l'offre : Ville Historique de Lamballe
  • Yes
Visites Libres sur Demande
  • Yes
Visites Guidées sur Demande
  • Yes
  • Page d'accueil : non
  • Listed or registered (CNMHS),
  • Bar,
Structure Ouverte
  • Yes
Descriptif groupes
  • Descriptif groupes : Partez à la découverte de l’histoire des hauts lieux de la ville historique de Bretagne. Visite guidée.
Visites Guidées en Permanence
  • No
Structure Conforme
  • Yes
Type d'équipement principal
  • Historical sites and monuments
  • Shop, Library, Play area, Media library,
  • Town