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Petite Cité de Caractère de Châtelaudren

22170 Plouagat


Châtelaudren, a Small Town of Character and former capital of Le Goëllo, is situated at the intersection of the two main roads that cross Brittany from east to west and north to south. The harmony of its perfectly conserved urban landscape, as well as its unusual industrial heritage, has contributed to the town being listed as a Small Town of Character. Its traditional role as a market town explains the size of the Place de la République, lined with fine 18th century houses and a beautiful, fully restored church from the same period. But if you want to understand the true identity of Châtelaudren, then you need to walk through the streets and alleyways (vestiges of how land would have been divided up during Medieval times), to reach the two high points of the town: the old site of the feudal castle, in part taken over by the buildings of a former printing factory and still protected by a lake created in the 12th century with military objectives in mind, and, of course, Notre Dame du Tertre chapel, a gem of local history with splendid polychrome paintings. The powerful waterfall on the lake has been used as a source of energy over the years, first by watermills and then by a paper factory. In 1922, 'Le Petit Echo', which belonged to publishers Montsouris, arrived, and as a result Châtelaudren became the capital of French fashion, when they began to print 'Le Petit Echo de la Mode', a very popular women's weekly magazine which included tissue paper dress patterns.

Practical informations

Nom de l'offre
  • Nom de l'offre : Petite Cité de Caractère de Châtelaudren
  • Yes
Visites Guidées sur Demande
  • Yes
  • Page d'accueil : non
  • Listed or registered (CNMHS), Picturesque small city
Descriptif groupes
  • Descriptif groupes : Visite guidée de la Petite Cité de Caractère. Découvrez la fabuleuse légende d'Azénor, la chapelle Notre Dame du Tertre et ses exceptionnels plafonds peints, mais aussi l'ancienne imprimerie du magazine Le Petit Echo de la Mode qui a habillé la France le siècle dernier !
Structure Conforme
  • No
Type d'équipement principal
  • Historical sites and monuments
  • House, Town