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Les Forges des Salles

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In the 18th and 19th centuries, the Rohan family, who owned Quénécan forest, developed an iron-making business in the area. They built the village of the Forges des Salles, in the heart of the forest. This was the biggest and most well-known ironwork complex in the whole of Brittany. Installation of the village was facilitated by three key elements, minerals, wood and water. The forges made canons for the French Royal Navy, farm tools and machinery, plough-shares, quarry tools, etc. In 1762, they employed 50 miners, 80 lumberjacks and 50 blacksmiths, all of whom lived in the village.

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  • Descriptif groupes : Au cœur de la Forêt de Quénécan, visite de la forge des 18 et 19e siècles et son village. Exposition permanente sur la vie et le travail des ouvriers de la forêt et de la Forge...
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