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The Valley of the Saints

Brittany is a mystical land full of nuggets. For 11 years sculptors have been bringing Breton saints out of the ground.

Valley of the saints in Brittany © Muffinn

© Muffinn

The rebirth of the Breton saints

Between Guerlédan Lake  and the Monts d'Arrée, giants from the confines of history have been standing one by one for the last 10 years. On the side of a feudal mound located in the town of Carnoët, La Vallée des Saints was born in July 2008.

It is a Breton collective project carried by the association of the same name, whose objective is "the safeguarding, discovery and promotion of Breton popular culture linked to the Breton Saints in the form of artistic creation".

The association's ambition is to install 1000 monumental sculptures carved out of Breton granite in 100 years, a real Breton Easter Island! Every year, visitors can attend the sculpture workshops organized from May to October.

Each workcamp lasts 30 days and sees the creation of 5 to 7 sculptures throughout the season. This year the site will have 100 statues ranging from 3 to 7 meters high!

Among these 100 saints, there are the 7 founding saints of Brittany each turned towards his Basilica (Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Tugdual in Tréguier, Saint-Malo, Saint-Samson in Dol-de-Bretagne, Saint Pol Aurélien in Saint-Pol de Léon, Saint Corentin in Quimper and Saint Patern in Vannes).

Arriving with the Breton immigration from Wales and Cornwall in the 5th century, these members of the clergy each founded a community through the Armorica which would become the 7 Breton dioceses.

Their stories, like those of the other saints who accompanied them to Carnoët, are a mixture of pagan and Christian legends and miracles.

Gorges of Corong in locarn, Brittany © D.Herve

© D.Herve

Nature too keeps its mystery

A few kilometres away, in the hollow of a wooded valley nestles Toul Goulic. In this legendary site, the Blavet meanders and disappears for 300 m under a granite chaos, an astonishing atmosphere.

Nature lovers will go to the Landes de Locarn, 350 hectares large, where high gorse, heather, wooded ... follow one another. Nothing disturbs the flight of the harrier, emblem of the place.

Finally do not miss the corong gorges, in this magical place close to the Landes de Locarn, the river disappears under a huge heap of rocks that you can walk along going upstream.

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