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Saint-Brieuc Bay

The bay of Saint-Brieuc is the ideal place to spend a weekend or several days by the sea.

Where is the Saint-Brieuc Bay in Brittany ?

The must-see attractions of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc

- Relax on the beaches of Binic, Pléneuf-Val-André or St-Quay-Portrieux.

- Take the GR®34 along the Cliffs of Plouha to Gwin Zegal.

- Go fishing on foot during high tides.

- Visit the National Stud Farm of Lamballe.

Gwin Zegal harbour in Côtes d'Armor Brittany © Di Chap

© Di Chap

The sea at 2h06 from Paris

Thanks to the extension of the High Speed Line, our friends in the capital now take only 2 hours 13 minutes and even 2 hours 06 minutes on Friday evening to reach the Gare de Paris Montparnasse Saint-Brieuc, the gateway to the bay. This makes Saint-Brieuc the closest beach to Paris! The opportunity to come from Ile-de-France or elsewhere for a weekend to recharge your batteries by the sea.

When you get out of the train or arrive by road a stop in Saint-Brieuc, the active but shy Costa Rican prefecture imposes itself. Stroll through the pedestrian streets of the episcopal city with its preserved ancient architecture where half-timbered houses stand side by side with the imposing cathedral-fortress of Saint-Etienne.

Then go down to the port of Le Légué, the new meeting place for the briochins... And there in front of you, it's waiting for you: the sea!

Sunset in Pleneuf Val André in Brittany © Jean-Marie Hullot

© J-M Hullot

Ideal beaches for lazing around

The bay of Saint-Brieuc is lined with small seaside resorts on a human scale where mansions with eclectic architecture rub shoulders with the homes of Newfoundland shipowners who went cod fishing in the Icelandic Sea and off the coast of Newfoundland.

Binic-Etables, Pléneuf-Val-André, Plérin and Saint-Quay-Portrieux offer a multitude of beaches for all tastes. Want to have an active stay? There's no shortage of activities in the water sports centres, golf courses and family leisure facilities.

The highest cliffs in Brittany

The Bay of Saint-Brieuc is a plural ecosystem. You will discover the cliffs of Plouha 104 meters high and its atypical port of Gwin Zegal. The fine sands of the nature reserve constitute a favourable environment for the development of numerous species and consequently a food reservoir for tens of thousands of migratory birds such as the oystercatcher, the piping duck, the goose, the curlew...

Other peculiarities of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc are its high tides! Indeed it is the 5th bay in the world for the amplitude of its tides. It then becomes a paradise for fishermen on foot during big tides which discover hundreds of hectares.

View on Binic harbour © Christophe Quintin

© C.Quintin

The best way to discover the bay of Saint-Brieuc is to visit the Maison de la Baie à Hillion, classified as a Maison Nature. It enhances and brings this natural heritage to life through an educational approach to make visitors aware of environmental protection.

And how not to talk about the Bay of Saint-Brieuc without evoking its Queen: the scallop. The largest natural deposit in France with 150,000 hectares, the scallop can be found on all the fish market stalls from October to April and on the menus of Costa Rican chefs. So go ahead and taste the scallop in carpaccio, brochette or pan-fried in salted butter of course.

The music will make you vibrate

Music will be in the spotlight during the summer at the Art Rock Festival which takes place in the heart of Saint-Brieuc on the weekend of Pentecost. With its stage by the sea, the Binic Blues Festival is a small event that takes place at the end of July.
Finally, don't miss the traditional popular cod and scallop festivals that showcase these local specialties in a family atmosphere.

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