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Cape Frehel - Cape of Erquy

The Grand Site de France Cape of Erquy - Cape Fréhel is the most grandiose site in Brittany. You will be amazed by this breathtaking place and by the Fort-la-Latte which dominates the sea.

Where is the Cape Frehel in Brittany ?

The must-see attractions of the Grand site Cape of Erquy - Cape Fréhel

- Visit Fort la Latte.

- Discover scallop fishing in the port of Erquy.

- Relax on the beaches of Sables-d'Or and Erquy.

Cape Frehel in Brittany © Maëlick

© Maëlick

A major site with a remarkable natural heritage

From the Cape of Erquy and its to-and-fro of boats in the port to the Cape Fréhel and its 70-metre high cliffs, set off to discover a breathtaking natural area. Classified as a Natura 2000 site, the Grand Site Cape of Erquy - Cape Fréhel unfolds at your feet 600 hectares of moorland between pink sandstone cliffs and emerald sea.

Starting from Erquy, a seaside resort on a human scale and capital of the scallop, follow the GR®34 path along the coast to discover wild beaches and steep cliffs.

Along your walk you will come across the ruins of the Catuelan ditch and the Plaine Garenne ditch, remains of a barred spur, the defence system of the first inhabitants of Armorique. The most famous Armoricans are of course Asterix and Obelix, who came from a small village of die-hard Gauls located on Cape of Erquy on the very site of these remains!

Cape of Erquy © Mathieu Brient

© M.Brient

From one cape to the other following the GR®34

After a swim on the Lourtuais beach and a climb up the Saint-Michel islet at low tide, you will come across an astonishing city: Sables-d'Or-les-Pins. If today it is a family resort, charming and quiet where the fine sandy beaches invite you to laze around, it was not always so.

In 1921, wealthy developers bought hectares of dunes in order to build a luxurious seaside resort. Sables-d'Or was born! Very quickly the resort attracted a wealthy clientele of Parisian and English financiers and industrialists and adorned itself with luxurious villas: it was the fashionable resort! But the crisis of 1929 hit Europe and stopped the development of the new town in full swing.

It will be necessary to wait until after the war to see the resort develop again to welcome tourists in an environment still marked by the Roaring Twenties.

La Latte Castle in Brittany © Federico Lukkini

© F.Lukkini

Fort la Latte, a medieval jewel

By taking the 3 kilometres of beach bordering Sables-d'Or, Cape Fréhel imposes itself on you! Majestic, you are facing an impressive viewpoint.

In addition to the breathtaking view of Jersey and the Channel Islands on a clear day, Cape Fréhel is also an ornithological reserve where northern fulmars, black guillemot, gulls and cormorants can be seen...

Near Cape Fréhel, discover Fort la Latte! Its exceptional location and its architecture make it one of the largest Breton castles. Built in the 14th century, the castle was a strategic point as it overlooks the bay of Saint-Malo.

Today, classified as a Historic Monument, Fort la Latte is open to visitors in season and is the setting for many films, including the famous Vikings (1958), with Kirk Douglas.

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